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Paid Content Sites A - B

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Last Updated: January 18, 2008

As you can see from this list, MANY places will pay you for your writing. I think you deserve that much.

Please also bear in mind that with short word counts, when you write what you know you can write quickly. By doing this, it is easy to make $30 - $50 per hour with some of these sites.

Please note that companies change their policies regularly, so you will have to verify the most current information for yourself.

If you have information or would like to add your own review, please email me or add a comment. Please be specific and accurate in order to best help your fellow writers. If you know of other sites that offer accurate and current paid content site reviews or additional paid content sites I should add, please let me know (email or comment).

The links to the listings are in the sidebar and below; and each posting shows the date of the last update, for your convenience.

Thank you so much for your help and support in this endeavor (i.e. thank you for helping me to help you!)

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(more information pending)

Associated Content (AC)
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How to Get Started: Anyone can sign up and write.

Pay: Upfront on most, page view bonuses on all.

Pay Rate: Varies. Upfront is typically $3+ (decent writers with SEO skills get $5 – 8 on average); Calls for Content may be higher or lower. Page view bonuses begin at $1.50 per 1,000 views and go up in levels to $2.00 per 1,000 views. AC ‘Google juice’ helps the bonus pay. The successful writers here make most of their money in the page view bonuses, some getting hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

What to Write: Whatever you want (within reason – they do reject overdone topics and trash), or accept a “Call for Content”

Word Count: Minimum of 400.

Editing: Content Managers (CMs) approve or decline your submissions. They may alter your article title or remove your photo, but they don’t really ‘edit’ (usually).

Extras: Member forums – VERY helpful, Partner Offers (additionally writing gigs) – VERY lucrative, AC highly promotes the site and YOUR content – therefore great page view help, Payments are made daily – Page view Bonuses are paid monthly, There are options for rights so you may sell full rights or keep them. Additionally, some writers have had their AC articles picked up by national outlets such as MSN and Perez Hilton which has further increased their page view bonuses and subscribers.

Would I Recommend? Yes. Use SEO and max out the 200 article help towards your page view revenue to up your level and therefore your pay rate on page views, ergo increasing your bonus income. The better you write and the more traffic you get, the higher your upfront offers – and the more likely you are to get Partner offers.

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(more information pending)

Bright Hub
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*The site is updating and is scheduled to re-launch on January 8, 2009
How to Get Started: Apply with the appropriate channel Managing Editor (M.E. – that is an abbreviation – not a notice to apply with me)

Pay: Pays monthly by check or via PayPal.

Pay Rate: $10 per article, plus ad revenue. From time to time, there are bonus and incentive programs and contests. Currently, there is a limit on articles per writer in each channel; however, at last notice writers could work for more than one channel. The more successful channels have higher limits. (*Shameless self-promotion – the channel I am a C.E. [contributing editor] for is one of the MOST successful channels on the site! Yay us!)

What to Write: The policy may be under changes – at last word, articles will be assigned.

Word Count: 350 – 700.

Editing: Yes! The good channels have great editors that edit the work and help the writers do better for better traffic and page revenue (and less re-writes).

Extras: The site hires writers, contributing editors, and managing editors. It is relatively new, so expect a few more changes and growing pains as it builds and improves.

Would I Recommend? Yes. The upfront is nice and the ad revenue bonuses will likely pick up as the site grows and improves. Some channels are better to work in than others are.

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