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Paid Content Sites T - Z

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Last Updated: January 17, 2008

As you can see from this list, MANY places will pay you for your writing. I think you deserve that much.

Please also bear in mind that with short word counts, when you write what you know you can write quickly. By doing this, it is easy to make $30 - $50 per hour with some of these sites.

Please note that companies change their policies regularly, so you will have to verify the most current information for yourself.

If you have information or would like to add your own review, please email me or add a comment. Please be specific and accurate in order to best help your fellow writers. If you know of other sites that offer accurate and current paid content site reviews or additional paid content sites I should add, please let me know (email or comment).

The links to the listings are in the sidebar and below; and each posting shows the date of the last update, for your convenience.

Thank you so much for your help and support in this endeavor (i.e. thank you for helping me to help you!)

Textbroker (information pending)

The Dollar Stretcher
Read FWJ Quick Review
(more information pending) (blogs)

Read FWJ Quick Review
How to Get Started: Apply with samples (for pay. I believe you can blog for free there, too)

Pay: Monthly by check IF a minimum of $50 has been reached. Otherwise, it rolls over until the minimum is reached. The check is mailed from Canada, but the bank is in New York. The checks will clear.

Pay Rate: Some incentives offer $5 per post to start, but then writers get dropped to $1 per.

What to Write: What you want within realm of approved blog.

Word Count: 100+

Editing: No, but there is an approval process for posts.

Extras: Some other programs did start such as an article buying section. Current status unknown.

Would I Recommend? No. The bait-and-switch pay tactic is off-putting as are some of the other aspects of the company/site. Some people love it, but coming up with fresh ideas daily for a blog just to earn $30 (for an entire month’s worth of work!) stinks as does having to wait two months to be paid due to the rollover issue. Some do much better financially from the ad revenue on their own blogs rather than getting a tiny portion of it from However, as grows, things may improve. There is hope for this one.

Read FWJ Quick Review
(more information pending)

Writer's Work Station (Information from website)
How to Get Started: Apply using a gmail or isp-assigned email address and a sample (a link is acceptable). Be sure sample matches the job you are applying for - you must choose either a 300 or 500 word writer position. You must also choose what days you will work for them.

Pay: Within 24 hours of submission and approval.

Pay Rate: 500 word well-researched article with 'lots of personality': $12; 300 word lightly researched article: $5.

What to Write: keywords assigned to structure articles around.

Word Count:some are 500, some are 300. You must choose one or the other.

Editing: The website mentions an approval process.

Extras: There are strict requirements for writers - be sure you understand that before you apply. By applying you are agreeing to the terms. All articles are due withing 36 hours - no exceptions (they will work with you if you notify them in advance of a problem). For now the work is sporadic, but will eventually be regular. Once regular, 500 word article writers will be required to turn in 8 articles daily; 300 word article writers will be required to turn in 16 articles daily.

Would I Recommend? Yes and No. I think this could work well for some, but not for others. The pay is fairly competitive as long as the research doesn't fall into the 'heavy' side. Since you have 36 hours to turn in the articles, choosing one or two days a week would help you to not feel overwhelmed with the workload. However, that approach will only result in about $100 - $200 a week from this job, which may not be worth the stress and hassle, for some. Another plus is fast payment which may help reduce stress for others. The real question is how easy they are to work with. If they are overly demanding and unreasonable this job would be a 'no' recommendation. If they are fair, reasonable, and courteous it could be a 'yes' for those who can work with the workload demands.

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