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Paid Content Sites C - G

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Last Updated: January 17, 2008

As you can see from this list, MANY places will pay you for your writing. I think you deserve that much.

Please also bear in mind that with short word counts, when you write what you know you can write quickly. By doing this, it is easy to make $30 - $50 per hour with some of these sites.

Please note that companies change their policies regularly, so you will have to verify the most current information for yourself.

If you have information or would like to add your own review, please email me or add a comment. Please be specific and accurate in order to best help your fellow writers. If you know of other sites that offer accurate and current paid content site reviews or additional paid content sites I should add, please let me know (email or comment).

The links to the listings are in the sidebar and below; and each posting shows the date of the last update, for your convenience.

Thank you so much for your help and support in this endeavor (i.e. thank you for helping me to help you!)


Conjecture (information pending)

Constant Content
Read FWJ Quick Review
(more information pending)

Consumer Search
(information pending)

Creative Weblogging
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(more information pending)

Delegate 2 (information pending)

Demand Studios
Read FWJ Quick Review
How to Get Started: Apply. If you are not accepted at first, build your portfolio a bit more and reapply.

Pay: They pay weekly. Usually on Fridays, everything accepted by Wednesday evening will be paid for (via PayPal).

Pay Rate: Usually $15 per article, but that varies according to their new policies. Some are only $5, and a very few are $20. The payment is for full rights to the article with no extra pay for page views or ad revenue.

What to Write: You can suggest titles, but now they usually only pay $5 for those articles. Taking their titles usually pays better.

Word Count: Set parameters per article type, and each section of the article. Check guidelines for specifics – usually around 400 total.

Editing: There is editing. Only one re-write per article is allowed, and they do track re-write numbers. Some writers have been let go. The more articles you submit without needing rewrites, the better you will do – usually.

Extras: The main site these articles appear on is eHow. However, other sites do get Demand Studios articles. Other jobs are available with Demand Studios from time to time. Check along the bottom bar of their homepage. They work with writers, videographers, copy editors, title proofers, and transcribers.

Would I Recommend? Yes and No. Currently there are issues that are causing problems for the writers. However, weekly pay and $15 upfront per article is nice – if you can get past some of the nasty editors. Some of the editors are great – but some have regularly been a problem for the writers to deal with. Weird titles are an issue as is the ‘first come, first serve’ title grabbing. Changes are in the works that should correct some of the issues. Some love DS, some hate it and have left. Good company – but definitely some issues are present that need to be resolved.

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