Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Back to Beginning Write!

Photo © Chance Agrella

After a hiatus, Beginning Write is back with a new look and new information. I can't guarantee regular posts, but I promise to blog about and list the best information I can find to help freelance writers. I will share personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions related to my life as a freelance writer as well.

This blog is not a daily newsflash kind of blog. This is a reference source for writers kind of blog. The information in this blog will be evergreen as much as possible, and I will be updating information as needed.

A few things I will be adding to Beginning Write will be sources of additional great freelancing info, job lead sites, and a compilation of 'content mills' that are legit. I will also be adding information about SEO, how to set your rates, taxes, contracts, monetizing your sites/blogs, grammar, punctuation, style guides, spelling, writing tips, and much more.

So, please pour yourself a tasty beverage, kick back, and enjoy! Your comments, thoughts, opinions, and questions are always welcome - unless they are inappropriate, spam, rude, or otherwise deemed crap not fit for print. ;-)

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